Netlist Compare

Post-production errors can result in lost production time in addition to a waste of resources and money. The risk of errors can be minimized by supplying a CAD netlist with your final gerber data.Our pre-production team will compare the net list generated from the Gerber data to the CAD netlist to ensure that your design has been created accurately. Any discrepancies can be rectified prior to incurring tooling costs, circuit board production and component placement. Streamline’s pre-production team runs a full array of design rule checks (DRC), but without a netlist comparison the true electrical integrity cannot be confirmed.

Typical errors detected

Isolated thermals: Over-sizing clearance pads at the post-processing stage can cause some power connections to be isolated from the main power net.

Un-routed connections: Connections or part connections that have not been completely routed as required. Stub routes (where a route stops short of its destination) are common errors.

Split planes: Ground and power planes are often split using post-processing tricks. The data does not reflect the true electrical connectivity of the design.

All the errors found within the design are reported using meaningful CAD references. They may then be confirmed as genuine errors or intentional work-around. The report is easily understandable by PCB Designers and CAD/CAM operators. Manufacturing data can then be rectified before production begins. The final result ensures our boards will be tested back to the intelligent ‘design data’ netlist.

CAD Systems currently supported: Additional formats at customers request. Additional time may be required if not presently supported.

CAD System File Required
IPC-D-356 IPC-D-356 (.ipc)
Mentor Neutral File (.nf)

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