Evaluating Electronics Product Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Partnering with CircuitsNow means our personnel and corporate resources become a true engineering extension of your company. Customers take full advantage of our facility’s pre-engineering tools and many years of experience building products ranging from hearing aids to satellites.

We carefully check and test our customers’ designs, often improving on them before manufacturing. This gives our customers every opportunity to build the most reliable and cost effective product possible.

Every order manufactured by CircuitsNow will receive the following pre-engineering checks to ensure product success:

  • Netlist Compare to Data
    Confirm design is correct from original net list
  • Design Rule Checks
    Ensures that there are no customer design mistakes
  • Controlled Impedance Modeling and Simulation
    Creating stack up and trace widths to control critical line speeds
  • DFM Fabrication and Assembly
    Design for manufacturability in both fabrication and assembly
  • 100% Netlist Compare
    Compare original net list to physical finished board
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