PCB Capabilities

Key Advantages of Partnering with CircuitsNow

In the tech industry, getting your new product to the market first might mean the difference between success and failure. If you need a quick turn on your Printed Circuit Board fabrication, CircuitsNow has the facility, equipment, and expertise to make your product possible.

We know that modern PCB manufacturing requires fast, flexible solutions in order to keep up with the world’s ever-increasing tech demands. Printed circuit boards require more layers and greater surface density, and signal transmissions need to be faster and more reliable than ever before.

CircuitsNow offers advanced technologies and smooth, efficient manufacturing processes to meet your company’s needs. Whether you require rigid, rigid-flex, or multilayer flex, we will build your project quickly and efficiently.

Time-Efficient Facilities and Practices

Our specialized manufacturing system allows multiple processes to run simultaneously with integrated quality checks. As soon as updates become available, we download them through our facility.

Manufacturing Checks

At critical stages throughout the process, we perform reliability checks to ensure that only exceptional products move down the line.

  • Layer-to-Layer Optical Inspection-confirms that the product matches our customer’s data.
  • Registration X-Ray-ensures reliable connections between layers after drilling.
  • TDR Coupon or On-Board Testing-uses impedance tests to verify signal.
  • 100% Net List Testing-compares the original net list to the finished circuit board.

Browse through our PCB Capabilities section to learn more about our different procedures, or visit our contact page to request a quote and additional information.


Layer to Layer Optical Inspection
Ensures that physical product matches customer data

Registration X-Ray
Ensure annular ring reliability after lamination and drilling

TDR Coupon or On-Board Testing
Verifying critical CI measurements are matched on physical product during manufacturing surveillances

100% Net List Testing
Comparing original net list to physical finished board

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